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A strategy map for graduate recruitment teams

July 15, 2009

I thought it might be interesting to apply the strategy map idea to graduate recruitment (similar to my application of a strategy map in a news industry case study here).

What are Strategy Maps?

Strategy maps are a tool that organisations can use for communicating both their chosen strategy and the processes, systems and skills that will be required to implement that strategy. They demonstrate “the cause and effect links by which specific improvements [in assets, processes and staff attributes] can create desired outcomes.” (Kaplan and Norton, 2000, p168). They give employees, at all levels, a clear view of how their jobs are linked to the overarching objectives of the organisation, hopefully allowing everyone to work in a cohesive manner towards achieving the organisation’s goals.

The Strategy Map, as a progression from the Balanced Scorecard, “show how an organization will convert its initiatives and resources – including intangible assets such as corporate culture and employee knowledge – into tangible outcomes.” (Kaplan and Norton, 2000, p168). The measures from an organisation’s balanced scorecard are based upon the strategy map, which connects the desired outcomes of the strategy with the measures which will drive those outcomes.

The Four Perspectives applied to graduate recruitment:

These are the points which I believe will, through a cause and effect relationship, allow the department and ultimately the whole organisation to meet its objectives.


  • Improve corporate performance by attracting and retaining better people.
  • Reduced operating cost through improved efficiency
  • Greater asset and staff utilisation.


  • Product Leadership – through market leading graduate scheme and easy to navigate & professional recruitment process
  • Customer Intimacy – Nurture relationships with potential employees.
  • Operational Excellence – Set tough targets and aim for fast, accurate and helpful recruitment experience.

Internal Process:

  • INNOVATE! – Embrace new methods like social media etc.
  • Improve customer value through improved customer management processes – Engage with them, project positive image through efficient procedures.
  • Become a good corporate citizen through fully transparent recruitment criteria and processes.

Learning & Growth:

  • Employee Competencies – Train in new technology and methods; support recruitment staff with gaining professional qualifications.
  • Technology – Be open to adopting new technologies and methods, such as social media tools.
  • Culture – Encourage functional excellence. Create an holistic company-wide view. Be more open…

My proposed strategy map:

Graduate Recruitment Strategy Map

Graduate Recruitment Strategy Map

This is just a rough idea of what I think graduate recruiters should be aiming to do (although I only know it from the applicant’s side). The above strategy map is for the graduate recruitment team, but could be for the HR department as a whole. I see this as part of a wider company-wide process of looking at the organisation’s strategy as a whole, and then individual departments/divisions having their own strategy maps to allow for greater detail and relevancy for those employees to see how their roles “are linked to the overarching objectives of the organisation.”

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